Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank You For Your Patience

OH MAH GUH!!!  We're really here!  We've been in the new spa for 2 weeks now and it's heaven.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to all of you, my clients, my co-workers, my friends, family and contractors.  And Eric! The amazing Eric Burns, property manager/general contractor extraordinaire. And Angela!  The simply divine Angela of Angela Nicole Interiors!  And my mom!  She's just the best. Love her so much.  What's that?  The music is playing me off?  But I have so many more people to thank...

But seriously folks, when I recover from a truly astounding case of exhaustion and brain fry, I'm going to post some pictures and tell you all the hair raising story about almost having had to change our name at the last minute and our mad dash to close Wet Paint 1 and set up Wet Paint 2 in the space of a few hours for inspection and re-opening the next day!  oof!

I'll also let y'all know when the Grand Opening Partay will be.  It's coming up soon.

In the mean time, come by, check out the beauteousness and make an appointment for some waxing. Yeah.  We do that now.  More services will be phased in soon.