Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ok, so it's been awhile since I wrote, but guess what?  We've got walls!  Genuine, real-deal, can't see through them walls!  And, as of 2 days ago, they even have plaster on them!  Plaster!!!

Ok, enough with the exclamation points...

I'll be meeting with our interior designer this evening to discuss the paint scheme.  Don't panic. I'm not changing the colors, just the way they're going on the walls.  Now that we have such a large space I think they might be a bit overwhelming so I've got some ideas to explore.

I spent so much time feeling like this was never going to happen that suddenly it's here and I have a ton to do! (That was the last exclamation point.  I promise.) I've got to pick out cupboards and counter tops and fittings for the aesthetics room and lighting and who knows what-all.  It's all terribly exciting and anxiety provoking and exciting and exciting.  I can't wait! (Ok, I lied about that other exclamation point being the last one.  My bad.) 

Please to enjoy these few pictures of our new walls.


I think  this stuff is called rock wool.  It's the soundproofing that's in the walls of the aesthetics's room. 

The back room and door to what will be our Secret Chamber of Sanitation.    
Cute guy doing something construction-y

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  1. Awesome! I can't wait until y'all are in the new space. And, I can't wait until I can come back for another pedicure. This winter has made my feet pretty ghastly.