Friday, December 17, 2010

Progress? I think so!

Work had finally begun in earnest.  The demo is done and just this morning I saw two guys unloading something from a truck and carrying it in to the new space.

They're so long, and there are only two of them so I don't think they're floor boards, but what do I know?  Anyone have any ideas?

Mum and I really wanted to get pictures of each other swinging hammers during the demolition, but for some odd reason, the workmen didn't think that would be a good idea.  Could it be because I'm a nail technician and she's a grant writer?  Not exactly hammer swingin' professions.  We posed for some shots anyway, cuz we think we're cute.  You do too, right?

Oh, and the sound proofing for the walls of the esthetics room has arrived, so your whale music facials won't be interrupted by loud laughter and other foolishness we always seem to be getting up to.

That's all for now folks.


  1. Patience my friend, that's all I you need!!!
    Tip coming from someone who's been renovating their kitchen during the past few months.
    The project should have finished by late October.
    Guess what?
    My kitchen is not ready yet...
    Many kisses from Athens, Greece.

    P.S. God I miss your mani & pedi!


  2. FANI!!! We miss you so much! I'm glad you're keeping up with us from Greece. Maybe you should write a blog about your kitchen. =) Thanks for the reminder to be patient and let us know when you'll be Stateside again.

    Michelle & Ashley